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Archives for February 2012

Why Digital Video is a Business Imperative

Digital video works because there’s no better way to showcase your business. Digital video is the most flexible of all creative formats. Use video on your site for product showcases, product demonstrations, user testimonials and more. Digital video can make a significant and measurable impact on your business, from boosting your presence in search engines to engaging at a deeper level … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Engagement is Essential

Social Media Engagement works because people buy from people, moreover, people buy from people they trust. The interactive nature of social networking means there are now more ways than ever to gather peer recommendations, leave reviews and formulate opinions on the quality of a product or services. Business has a choice, either take part in the game or remain on the sidelines. Social … [Read more...]

Does Digital Marketing replace or compliment traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is here to stay, so whether you like it or loathe it, digital marketing must now form part of the overall marketing mix, sometimes replacing traditional marketing methods such as "big yellow" directories. You see, everybody uses Search Engines to find their local emergency plumber or roofing contractor when things go wrong and we also use online search to find luxury items, … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Blogging

The term ‘Blog’ has been around since 1998, and today it has become big business with over 200 million blogs competing for the attention of consumers. Blogging has many well-documented benefits. It works because it helps your SEO activities and builds authority and trust in your brand. It provides you with a hub for your social media activity and it provides a sticky element to your website. … [Read more...]

Blogging Builds Authority and Trust

Authority and Trust are tangible business assets because consumers are more likely to spend their money with businesses (and people) who they believe in. The words on your blog must be written authoritatively to engender trust without which potential buyers could waver and leave your site to search for another which does. One of the best ways to earn trust and authority is on the pages of … [Read more...]

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Put simply: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a collection of techniques used to help search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to read, categorise and index the pages and posts on your website with a view to returning the best possible match when people search for particular terms. SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for, IE: The actual search terms typed into … [Read more...]

The Art of the Start Inspirational Stuff by Guy Kawasaki

I love to hear Guy Kawasaki speak, he's a natural orator and they don't come more inspirational than Guy, Please watch the whole "Art of the Start" Digital Video, You'll be glad you did. The holy grail of Digital Marketing and great fun.. High and to the right !! - Awesome... Thanks Guy... … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing; the words roll of the tongue really easily don’t they? It sounds really easy when you say it and the marketing director or small business owner thinks that it’s really simple; until..... Wham – three years later > all retort, “I wish I knew three years ago what I know today about Digital Marketing I would certainly have done things differently” Millions of man-hours are … [Read more...]