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Michelle Harris

As the Social Media Manager at the Online Marketing Academy, Michelle Harris specialises in social media strategies, online networking and blogging by putting her personal and professional experience to good use.

Keeping ahead of Social Media Trends

Keeping one step ahead of the latest trends in technology and the internet Michelle is constantly analysing the latest products, applications and programs. Making good use of 25 years Sales, Marketing and Education experience, Michelle has well and truly established herself on the web.

Michelle began to communicate online around 20 years ago with IRC chat clients and then evolving with each new and emerging technology, watching and learning the changes in communication.

Social Media Technology early adopter

Michelle’s early adoption of popular social media platforms and applications allow her to stay in tune with ever changing social media trends whilst writing for a variety of websites and blogs reviewing social media apps and gadgets.

Social Media Manager at the Online Marketing Academy

Friends and later businesses began asking Michelle for advice and assistance with Social Media, which created a freelance Social Media Management opportunity for her, and now, finally, her passion for Social Media has turned into a career in social media with the Online Marketing Academy.

Michelle occasionally has time offline and she likes nothing better than to relax with a good book, listen to music or spend time with her family.

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