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Yes, Twitter now owns Posterous Spaces

Twitter has announced that it has indeed acquired Posterous.  They say that jobs are safe for the team at Posterous and that they are moving the whole team over to Twitter.

Posterous Spaces will continue to run as normal so there is no need to worry – YET ! –   I say “yet” because on the Posterous post that confirms the acquisition –  it says. We will give ample notice if we make any changes to the service. 

Posterous news 

Twitter blog

The Posterous and Twitter Team

Posterous and Twitter it seems  have been working as a team for some time now.

We saw this post Using Posterous with Twitter about posting toTwitter from Posterous some time back.

Good news

Tweets that were coming in from the Posterous team were very happy tweets, all quite keen to be part of the twitter team.


It sounds like there will be celebrations tonight for the workers, who may have been worried they were going to be out of work, when the blogging platform was sold.

And according to Sachin these talks have been going on for some months which is interesting.

Posterous has posted some answers to any questions that you may have here…

Acquisition FAQ

What happens to my Space? Will Posterous eventually shut down?
You can use your Space(s) exactly as you have in the past. We’ll give you ample notice before any changes or disruptions to the service and we’ll provide specific instructions for exporting your content to another service.

Can I still post to my Space?
Yes, you can continue to post via email the Web or our iPhone or Android apps. We’ll give you ample notice before any changes or disruptions to the service.

How can I backup or export the content of my Space(s)?
We’ll share instructions on how you can backup the content of your Space soon.

What happens to my content if I don’t do anything to my Posterous account?
We’ll give you ample notice before any changes to the service and we’ll share clear instructions about how to move your content to other services. In the meantime, your Spaces will remain up and running without disruption.

I bought a custom domain from Posterous – what happens to it?
Our domain partner, eNom, will take over domain management. Over the next several days, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your new domain account.

I am redirecting my domain/subdomain to Posterous – what do I need to do?
Your domain or subdomain will continue to point to your Posterous Space. You do not need to change anything.

Can I export my Space’s to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, or another service?
Over the coming weeks we’ll provide you with specific instructions for exporting your content to other services.

They say here and their own blog about this, that they will be giving instructions if you want to export your blog, why would you want to do that if things were not changing?

However,  for now we say good luck to the Posterous Team, you did a grand job over the last 4 years.