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Yes, Twitter now owns Posterous Spaces

Twitter has announced that it has indeed acquired Posterous.  They say that jobs are safe for the team at Posterous and that they are moving the whole team over to Twitter. Posterous Spaces will continue to run as normal so there is no need to worry - YET ! -   I say "yet" because on the Posterous post that confirms the acquisition -  it says. We will give ample notice if we make any changes to … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Blogging

The term ‘Blog’ has been around since 1998, and today it has become big business with over 200 million blogs competing for the attention of consumers. Blogging has many well-documented benefits. It works because it helps your SEO activities and builds authority and trust in your brand. It provides you with a hub for your social media activity and it provides a sticky element to your website. … [Read more...]

Blogging Builds Authority and Trust

Authority and Trust are tangible business assets because consumers are more likely to spend their money with businesses (and people) who they believe in. The words on your blog must be written authoritatively to engender trust without which potential buyers could waver and leave your site to search for another which does. One of the best ways to earn trust and authority is on the pages of … [Read more...]