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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing with Mick Say and Digital Marketing UK
Digital Marketing; the words roll of the tongue really easily don’t they?
It sounds really easy when you say it and the marketing director or small business owner thinks that it’s really simple; until…..

Wham – three years later > all retort, “I wish I knew three years ago what I know today about Digital Marketing I would certainly have done things differently”

Millions of man-hours are squandered every year by marketing departments and SME’s self-teaching and guessing how to do Digital Marketing. This results in substantial lost revenue, frustration and lost business.

Learn Digital Marketing Basics

Learning Digital Marketing basics during formal training will save the marketer or small business owner hundreds, often thousands of man hours that could be put to more productive use and for sure will be a big money saver as they learn the do’s and don’ts at an early stage and therefore avoid the pit-falls and money-pits.

“it” has many names, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing and many more but all of those phrases are now collectively coined “Inbound Marketing” a method of Online Business Development aimed at getting your prospects to find you!

The moral of my short Digital Marketing story

Invest a little time and money in Digital Marketing training and you will prosper far quicker. When it comes to Website Development on a small budget the problems are amplified, so we hope you’ll read why Website Development Ain’t Easy, but it Doesn’t Have to be Expensive.