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Does Digital Marketing replace or compliment traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is here to stay, so whether you like it or loathe it, digital marketing must now form part of the overall marketing mix, sometimes replacing traditional marketing methods such as “big yellow” directories.

You see, everybody uses Search Engines to find their local emergency plumber or roofing contractor when things go wrong and we also use online search to find luxury items, holidays and even cars, in fact everything really…

Digital Marketing Includes
* Digital Video
* Blogs
* Social Media Platforms
* Social Sharing
* Digital Images
* Webinars
Combine Traditional and Digital..
The best marketing plans combine traditional and digital marketing techniques, but for micro and start-up businesses digital marketing may be the only route-to-market because of the relatively low cost.

The Digital Marketing proof
is baking in this pudding

* When you do an mailshot it binned as junk mail by the receiver
* TV adds live in the moment and people fast-forward or make the tea
* Place an add in the paper or glossy mag it may never even be seen

When you write content and make Digital Video’s for your website and blog they live in the Google index forever, patiently waiting to be called upon by an eager consumer. When you write enough content and leverage it with knowledge it forms part of the new media “Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is a process developed to help customers find you instead of you going out to find them. Inbound Marketing is a powerful, unobtrusive digital marketing strategy. Which like any good pudding has several quality ingredients baked to perfection.