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Social Media Accelerator

Social Media is many things to many people but for the purpose of this discussion, social media is a means to driving people to your sales message and profiting from the effort. Let’s face it, social media for business is hard work.

Social Media Engagement
Social Media for business is about engaging with people without selling to them, but with a view to selling to them, or their friends. When you engage with a community you disseminate your message without broadcasting or spamming.
Social Media Marketing
Technically speaking: Social Media Marketing for business should create mass of movement of your content across the web which the search the engines as well as prospects will see and follow to your website without broadcasting or spamming.

Via social media we provide a personable face of the business and provide a better customer experience and service to consumers.

Social Media Accelerator for people who don’t have the time, knowledge or patience to set it up for themselves.

In business we don’t do Social media for fun, we do it to drive prospects to our sales message and to achieve that, twitter and Facebook alone are not enough.

The Social Media Accelerator is a service we provide to set up 100 social networks and content marketing tools designed to build search engine excitement for your business website combining best practice Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media and content distribution techniques.

Real People are key to the success of any Social Media Campaign, we gotta get real.

People are at the heart of Social Media – so a face, a name and a real person are critical to the success of any Social Media Marketing Campaign.

We take your personal/business profile and we insert it in to 100 social media platforms all of which have strong back-links to your website. If you don’t have a socially optimised website please read about our Website Development here.

Once we have finished setting up your Social Media Accelerator we teach you how to use it productively with one hour focused work per day, or we can manage this hour for you at an agreed hourly rate.

All we need from you is a 400 words personal/business biography and a good, recent head and shoulders image of you. Then we will work over 5 weeks to complete your social media set-up.

Social Media Accelerator Cost

Social Media Accelerator Architecture set up cost is £1,200.00 +VAT.
From receipt of order please allow 4 weeks for completion.

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