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Social media analytics provider PeerIndex is redesigned

What is PeerIndex

PeerIndex is a UK company, based in London, that measures your online influence using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora.  It was founded in 2009 by Azeem Azhar, Ditlev Schwanenflugel and Bill Emmott.

Some say that your online influence cannot be measured and that these types of “scores” can never be correct or can be gamed.

However there are a number of people who use this information in a positive way to help them to understand how they can improve their social media stratagies or to increase their community even though they understand that the actual numbers may not be totally accurate.

PeerIndex is scored partially like this.

  • Authority: Do people trust you enough to retweet or comment on your tweets
  • Audience: How many followers do you have and do you communicate.
  • Activity: How active are you on the networks.

These stats alone are a good indication to how you are using social networks and how effective your social media engagement is but that is not the only information that PeerIndex uses.

Find out more about the PeerIndex Scoring Methodology – How the PeerIndex scores work

I am not going to compare Peerindex to Klout or Kred or any other sources who claim to help you discover your influence, but to tell you about the few changes that Peerindex have made recently.

PeerIndex has been redesigned – the new look site is easier to navigate and looks pretty good too.  Some of the topics have gone from the “My Topic Finger Print”  but they are being updated and will return new and improved.

PeerPerks – Be rewarded for being social

PeerIndex have recently added PeerPerks. If you are active on Twitter or Facebook you are then given free stuff to try before anyone else.  They hope that if you like it you will share this information online, so its a little bit of advertising for the company giving the freebie too.

Today I was awarded a signed copy of my friend Mark Schaefer‘s new book – Return on Influence.  Which they deliver to the UK and the US – I’ve never been able to get a Klout Perk yet being in the UK, but I wasn’t going to compare, sorry.


Groups are a great way to engage with your community. Although they were there before, they have now been redesigned so that it is much easier to find others who are influential in similar communities and the groups that have already been created.

PeerIndex say

Our PeerGroups have really taken off this month, with people building communities of professionals, regional tweeters and even business partnerships.


Twitter 100

PeerIndex have also collaborated with The Independent to bring us the UK’s most influential tweeters list. 

From The Independent  – The Twitter 100 has been compiled with the help of the social media monitoring group, PeerIndex, with additional input from a panel of experts 

Do you use PeerIndex,what is your score and how do you use it?



  1. Where did they get that perks idea from? 🙂 I was actually going to buy Mark’s book as well, but thanks to this post one is in the mail now.

    While Klout is winning this race, I like that Peerindex is showing a pulse. For so long, they were static, while Klout seems to have enhancements on a weekly basis. I’m going to check out the Peer Groups, that’s news to me. Thanks for the valuable info guys, and love the site.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for your kind words, we are glad to be of help.

      Klout are the most popular but with many upset about the changes, PeerIndex are in the running, especially if they keep making improvements like these.

      Thanks again 🙂

      • @Steve – thanks for the feedback. You should see an acceleration of things happening within PeerIndex.com in the coming weeks and months as the efforts behind the scenes begin to kick in.

        @Michelle – thanks for the post – truly appreciative.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    Nice article.. I actually prefer PeerIndex over Klout for usability and am happy to see some new features being rolled out.

    Wanted to also highlight another platform called, “Buzz Equity” that looks at measuring a Brands ‘social value’ … so not doing what PeerIndex and Klout are doing but nevertheless in the same spirt of measuring social capital.

    Matt (@sinotechian)


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