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The week that we learned more about Twylah your SEO friendly website #XWeek

Last week was the very first week of the Xeeme Xweek events that are going to introduce you to, or help you discover much more about the most exciting emerging social tools available such as Twylah, Qwikr.me, Connect.me and Favo.rs .

As we were very pleased to be early adopters on these sites (you can see our own accounts on our Xeeme )  we would obviously recommend them without hesitation but even better still you can get answers to your own questions with the owners or founders at various activies on Xweek.

This week the star of the show was Twylah – it was a very busy week –  there was a webinar with Eric Kim, blogposts, videos, and last but not least two tweetchats on twitter hoping that it would cover all timezones.

Twylah is a dynamic twitter platform or landing page, which take your trending tweets and creates an SEO friendly website  to get your brand noticed but Kelly tells you all about this in the Tweetchat which we have transcribed here for those that somehow missed it.

We put Kelly co founder of Twylah through a series of grueling questions, which she answered wonderfully.  Just kidding it was great fun and we got fantastic great ideas and answers from other users Kelly Kim herself.


The questions and answers were as follows  – including SOME helpful Tweets from attendees.

Moderator – Q1 Kelly, what is Twylah  #xweek

Kelly – Twylah creates a beautiful, organized website out of your tweets automatically & for free – Twylah helps you tell a story with your tweets by bringing in topics & images–stories are more engaging than tweets alone –  Twylah helps you get noticed BEYOND Twitter through the ability to share on Facebook, Googleplus, and through SEO pages.

If anyone wants to try Twylah, go to our homepage  and request invite #xweek this will get your request rushed through.

Q2 Twylah users, how do you use Twylah? #xweek

I use it after some events for instance to share the whole story over the course of days

I use Twylah to share Twitter content OFF Twitter. I mean to FB audience, G+ audience and “a search” audience.

I use the power tweet to boost out my tweets and to show off my lovely twylah website 🙂

I tweet my page each day; I power tweet most videos & infographics I come across.

I created a recipe on IFTTT to share my Twylah once a day http://ifttt.com/recipes/19626

I use @iffft to share my twylah daily. I also focus on hashtags and key words in my tweets to tell a better story.  If you pay attention to your Twylah topics in how you state your tweets, it will even be more powerful.

Q3 Kelly, what is the vision for Twylah

  • Twylah makes  your Twitter content understandable to your NON-Twitter audience.
  • “Custom domains” are great for SEO for *YOUR * website or blog b/c the traffic from search engines land THERE.
  • Visitors find weeks-old tweets on your Twylah page. They never see these from twitter.
  • Did I say that power tweets give u 4000% increase in engagement (as defined by time spent it your Twitter content
  • You can also “own” your tweets by hosting your twylah page on your domain.
  • Twylah makes your Twitter content (you!) more findable though search engines.

Q4 Kelly, What is an average lifetime of a tweet these days? #xweek

Twylah increases engagement with your tweets from seconds to minutes and also  Twylah extends the live cycle of a tweet from about 8 minutes to one year.

Twylah tweets persist on your page. Tweets gone in a matter of minutes/maybe an hour.

Q5 All, what do you like to see from Twylah in the near future? #xweek

I would like to see a way to friend people on twylah or a database of users.

I’d like to see a feature to auto delete duplicate tweets for those tweeting content for different time zones 🙂

Powertweet would be even more awesome if it could be used with bufferapp

Kelly – we are looking into those features right now, we do need them.  And we are partnering with Buffer next week.

Q6 All, how do you position Twylah on your XeeMe? i.e. next to your twitter link? You have Xeeme Profiles, right?

Alex –   Yes, this is the best thing to do – I moved my Twylah right next to Twitter http://xeeme.com/axels  it makes a huge impact for Klout scores.

I have mine right after Twitter in the first part of the profile listing. It shows what I talk/tweet about.

I have to be honest. I didn’t understand it before tonight. My @Twylah is listed way after my Twitter on Xeeme.

Q7 Twylah users, what is your best tip to new users? #xweek

SHARE your Twylah. Tweet your page regularly. Like it +1 it.

Just sign up and watch it create the page automatically, actively share the page, then learn to powertweet

You can control your @Twylah topics in the manage feature – if there are 10 topics you don’t like you can hide them

GET A WIDGET! If you have a Twylah page already, find your widget in the “resources” section.

(You can see our Twylah widget to the right of this page)

Use the Power tweet – Power tweets are tweets w/ a “custom dynamic landing page” (on-line marketing-speak)


People were still talking about Twylah at the end of the chat, Kelly said this –  If any of you have specific questions, email me kellykim at  http://www.twylah.com/  :-)) #xweek

Thanks to everyone that took part in #xweek and be sure to tune in next week when we will be talking to Kimberley Reynolds who will be sharing her vision of Qwikr.

Here is a list of Twylah related blogs, sites, videos, etc. http://stevecassady.visibli.com/share/F0yx7w


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