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We all love to help our friends so #Xweek introduces Adam @rodtwitzky co-founder of Favo.rs

As you know by now XeeMe on #xweek are introducing us to someone special in the world of social media or social technology. We’ve already met Kelly from Twylah and Kim from Qwikr.me and – next week –  from May 21 to May 25  is the turn of Adam Rodnitzky the co-founder of favo.rs.



Favo.rs – whats that?

I joined Favo.rs two weeks after its launch back in December and I love it – its a great place where you fulful each other requests for help.  Which usually means asking users to share a blog with their own networks or coming to like a status update on  your Facebook account. It can be a very simple request or something more important.  You ask your friends/followers and they choose if they want to help or not.  Its a great way to share some more great content and of course, there is no obligation to help anyone – you decide which favors you want to do.

A helping hand

The more favors you do the more favor points you get and you even get awards.  Your profile tells everyone how many favors you’ve asked and how many people have helped you.  So you can clearly see if someone is just doing lots of asking but not sharing themselves, or vice versa, you can see who never asks but always shares.  Its great to add as many friends as you can,  as they will get messages about your requests. I was amazed at how fast this network took off. People love helping others, its our nature. Next week on #Xweek you can find out all about Favo.rs  and you can come along yourself and ask Adam some questions.
Its going to be a fantastic opportunity to ask questions directly to the Favo.rs chief and get to know experienced users.  In the meantime you may wish to join Favo.rs – add us Michelle Harris on Favo.rs and Mick Say on Favo.rs  we will do what we can to help out.

Whats happening in #XWeek

  • May 23rd – Leadership Webinar with Adam Rodnitzky 1PM PST / 4 PM EST / 21:00 GMT.
  • May 24th – Tweetchat  http://twebevent.com/xweek #Xweek with Steve Cassady moderating – 3:00 PM PST / 6 PM EST 8 AM (Friday, May 25) Sydney time
  • May 25th – Tweetchat http://twebevent.com/xweek with me Michelle Harris moderating – 8:00 AM PST / 11:00 PM EST 16:00 GMT = UK BST 17:00 / 17:00 Central European Time.

Also look out for more blog posts from  Mindy Koch with her blog Social Drivers and the new ‘Social Media Television’ from Olaf Kracht

We are looking forward to it, and we hope that you are.

If you have any questions that you want to ask, please come along and join in, or if you cannot make it – let me know @michelledh on twitter and I will find out for you if I can.

Thanks to Xeeme for bringing us #XWeek

Michelle Harris on Xeeme 

Mick Say on Xeeme 




  1. Always great to see info about Favo.rs being shared! Thanks Mick and Michelle!!

  2. Sorry to say, missed the entire week of interview and ‘training’ are you planning, or able, to share a recorded link site for the MIA like me?