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Who is @QRKim? Find out in the #UK or #US tweetchats on #XWeek


What is #XWeek ?

As we explained in a previous post when you had a chance to meet Kelly from Twylah on #XWeek   – #XWeek is organised by Xeeme to allow us to meet, ask questions and  talk with innovative technology leaders to find out more about the tools we might need enhance our online experience.

Who is QR Kim

QR Kim is the founder of Qwikr – Kimberly Reynolds.  Let me explain what Qwikr is or does…

Qwikr is a QR code generator

A QR code is a matrix bar code (or two-dimensional code) called a Quick Response code that is scanned via mobile phone applications such as Codee which will then connect you directly to a website, a link, text, emails, phone numbers and more.  They are placed in various places such as in emails, products or websites and are mostly used for marketing and advertising of products, brands or services anywhere to get noticed.  They can be great fun and have some great designs, Kimberly actually has one on her body – find out more about that in the chat.

Some interesting facts I that found on the Qwikr/me site

  • 3 out of 5 QR codes are scanned through social media
  • QR code scanning increased by 1600% in 2010.  The numbers for 4Q2011 appear to be double that.
  • 65% of all smartphone users downloaded free scanning software and scanned at least one QR code
  • 85% of people who scanned a QR code would encourage their friends to do the same.
  • Almost all new smartphones come with scanning software already installed
  • QR codes can be made for free – by you!  Use Qwikr QR code generator and give it a whirl.  They are easy to create and there is almost no investment involved!

Here is one of our QR codes that we created for free in seconds.

And a pretty lilac one that Kim created as a gift for my Facebook page in colour when she first started.

To see some custom designed fun QR codes have a look at QRKim Pinterest – QR codes or have a look at the Qwikr Gallery 

And there’s more…….. you can also create your own account on Qwikr.me where you can add your friends and add your favourite networks.

So, that has given you a taster in to what Kimberly does on Qwikr, you can find out more and meet her yourself this week on #Xweek. Kim is great fun so it will be a fantastic time.

On Wednesday the 2nd of May there is a Leadership Webinar with Kimberly

Thursday the 3rd of May there is a twitter tweetchat  US times or very late for us British insomniacs !

And on Friday May the 4th I will be moderating this second #Xweek tweetchat in the UK  at 5pm – come and chat with me and Kim, where we will be asking lots of questions and you can join in with your own questions or just listen if that’s what you prefer. Hash Tag is #Xweek

Check for more detail and times here Qwikr on XeeMe Xweek

Look forward to chatting with you.


  1. Kim Reynolds says:

    Excellent write up Michelle. You really did a great job of summarizing QwikR.me. Thank you so much. 🙂

  2. Hey Michelle, I just started a new page at http://kimberlyreynolds.brandyourself.com/ and I want to link it to this article. Is that fine? Thanks!

  3. I know who Kim is, I also know who Michelle is, and I love them both!