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Why Social Media Engagement is Essential

Social Media Engagement works because people buy from people, moreover, people buy from people they trust.

The interactive nature of social networking means there are now more ways than ever to gather peer recommendations, leave reviews and formulate opinions on the quality of a product or services.

Business has a choice, either take part in the game or remain on the sidelines.

Social Media Marketing is relational, not transactional. The primary goal of Social Media is to build relationships with people, people who will eventually become your community and consumers. This is why defining your engagement strategy is a key part of you marketing and communications plan.

For marketers, the term Engagement has duality of meaning.
From a commercial perspective, it refers to the decisions about which social networks to a build presence on. And once those decisions have been made, engagement means devising tactics that peak the interest of the members of community.

Let’s illustrate this point by looking at the leading social networking site, Facebook.

Imagine you created an effective Facebook advert that drove traffic to your previously unknown Fan Page. The challenge you now have is to engage your prospect with your brand.

    There are many ways in which the consumer can interact on your Facebook:

  • Liking Posts
  • Commenting on Posts
  • Sharing Posts
  • Uploading content
  • Tagging themselves in pictures and video
  • Writing a post on your Wall

The challenge is to create an Engagement strategy that inspires these actions. The team at Digital Business UK do this day in, day out. Click here if you want to engage with us.

Focus on Engagement, not Numbers

In the first instance, it is more valuable to build a small, highly engaged network. These people will become your brand advocates and defend and promote you and your products without coercion needed from you.

There is significantly more value in having a smaller network of followers who engage on a regular basis than to have a large network of followers who view your page once and are done.

People participate in social media because it’s an effective venue to build professional networks, exchange ideas and build their own platform – if you’re selling, they’re not buying.

Social Dialogue is Critical

A critical component of engagement is dialogue. Organization’s who respond to and provide exposure to their more valuable followers will find their generosity reciprocated. Corporate and product development based on follower feedback is magic.

It’s important to realise that social media success does not happen overnight. It is important to try, try, and try again until you find a range of tactics that work.

And remember, people are fickle. What worked on one occasion very well, may completely slip by unnoticed on another. The important thing is to keep going, you never know when that flash of inspiration will lead to a breakout hit!


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