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What is Scoop.it find out on #Xweek this week #socialtec

As you may know Xeeme have been introducing you to new and emerging networks to bring you closer to innovative technology and its founders, or if you don't know you have come at a great time. So far on xweek we have had Twylah - Qwikr - Favo.rs and last week was Connect.me This week we are very exited to meet Scoop.it CEO, Guillaume Decugis What is Scoop.it Scoop.it is a power publishing … [Read more...]

Meet Kelly from Twylah on #xweek Tweetchat

You may have seen people talking about Xweek recently, this is because Xeeme, our social presence organisers have arranged for some activities where you can really get involved to get more out of social media for free! Every other week you can learn about new tools from early adopters, and be able to get in touch with senior executives who share their vision. From XeeMe Xweek The Edge Of … [Read more...]

Social media analytics provider PeerIndex is redesigned

What is PeerIndex PeerIndex is a UK company, based in London, that measures your online influence using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Quora.  It was founded in 2009 by Azeem Azhar, Ditlev Schwanenflugel and Bill Emmott. Some say that your online influence cannot be measured and that these types of "scores" can never be correct or can be gamed. However there are a number of people who use … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Engagement is Essential

Social Media Engagement works because people buy from people, moreover, people buy from people they trust. The interactive nature of social networking means there are now more ways than ever to gather peer recommendations, leave reviews and formulate opinions on the quality of a product or services. Business has a choice, either take part in the game or remain on the sidelines. Social … [Read more...]