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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a method of reaching a deep and wide consumer audience with a view to developing relationships with potential customers.

Who is @QRKim? Find out in the #UK or #US tweetchats on #XWeek

  What is #XWeek ? As we explained in a previous post when you had a chance to meet Kelly from Twylah on #XWeek   - #XWeek is organised by Xeeme to allow us to meet, ask questions and  talk with innovative technology leaders to find out more about the tools we might need enhance our online experience. Who is QR Kim QR Kim is the founder of Qwikr - Kimberly Reynolds.  Let me explain … [Read more...]

The week that we learned more about Twylah your SEO friendly website #XWeek

Last week was the very first week of the Xeeme Xweek events that are going to introduce you to, or help you discover much more about the most exciting emerging social tools available such as Twylah, Qwikr.me, Connect.me and Favo.rs . As we were very pleased to be early adopters on these sites (you can see our own accounts on our Xeeme )  we would obviously recommend them without hesitation but … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing; the words roll of the tongue really easily don’t they? It sounds really easy when you say it and the marketing director or small business owner thinks that it’s really simple; until..... Wham – three years later > all retort, “I wish I knew three years ago what I know today about Digital Marketing I would certainly have done things differently” Millions of man-hours are … [Read more...]