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Business Starter Website

The website you are viewing now is our Business Starter Website package.

What does it include… Technical
* 12 months web hosting
* 1 x Domain name
* Static IP Address
* Multiple Email Addresses
* Content management system
* 500 MB web space
* 5000 MB monthly bandwidth
* User content management system
* Linux cPanel server access
* 24-7-365 server support
* 8 weeks telephone/email support
What does it include… Physical
* 10 Populated Website Pages #
* Advanced SEO functions
* Integrated blog categories
* 3 blog posts populated #
* Social Sharing tools integrated
* Social Footer Area
* Left Side-Bar feature content
* Right Side-Bar feature content
* Free basic text logo #
* Design as you see on this website
* Initial Images sized and optimised

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Business Starter Website Cost

Including all of the features above, the Business Starter Website package is £850.00 Plus VAT. Payment in full is due upon order.

# Client to provide all website page content, blog post content and images. We will optimise (SEO) the initial site content and provide video training to teach clients how to optimise future content that they will add themselves. Client can provide a graphically designed log to our size specification only. We provide 24-7-365 server maintenance and support, we also provide 8 weeks personal telephone and or email support for website related issues during normal UK office hours.