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Website SEO Copywriting

The words on your website must be written authoritatively to engender trust without which potential buyers could waver and leave your site to search for another which does. This is why professional copywriting is an important consideration for each new website owner.

Copy for people to read
Website copy for people needs to be easy and comfortable to read. These are the words which will eventually determine the authority and trust you and your website earns.
Copy for search engines to read
There is also technical copy called meta-data which people cannot see on the page but is designated for the search engines to read to help them to “grade” and index your pages.

Both aspects of copy need to be congruent with the message or story the website page or blog post is telling. And unless you have been formally trained in Search Engine Optimisatiopn (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) then you will not be able to perform this function well.

Attention, Interest, Desire, Action

Attention. It’s what everyone wants, and it’s in short supply. That’s why you need to grab people, hit them hard, and leave them wanting more.

That’s what professional copywriters do. ‘Gotcha’, ‘Freddie Starr ate my hamster.’ These seemingly ridiculous utterances grab attention, and live long in the memory. Can you say the same about your copy?

Successful web copywriters target both people, and search engines. This duality of audience requires specialist skills of an SEO copywriter.

Understanding the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation is vital to effective SEO copywriting.

Three key features of good SEO copy:

1. No keyword cannibalisation:
Google ranks individual website pages and posts, so each page on your website needs to have a clear keyword focus that does not clash with or ‘eat’ the SEO properties of your other pages.

2. Tight keyword focus:
Hone in on three of four keywords, or one long-tail key phrase per page.

3. Supporting Meta Data:
Ensure that page elements such as your title tag, Meta description and Alt text all contain the search terms too. These items are often more important to SEO than the visual body copy on the page.

Making sure you cover basic SEO when you write your page or post will help it rise to the top of the search engine rankings, but if you focus too much on this element of your content, you run the risk of writing copy that people won’t want to read.

Three ways people read websites:

1. People skim read:
If a user is browsing your site on a phone while waiting for a train, or in a queue, they won’t spend time appreciating every clever piece of dialogue. Key messages have to leap off the page. Multiple eye movement studies have revealed that the F shape is typically how users scan pages, make such the copy on your page is suited to this.

2. People like simplicity:
Try not to overload your copy with jargon. Get to the point and get there quickly.

3. People are savvy
The consumer has seen it all. Overt and covert sales messages can meet with equal amounts of derision from the savvy consumer who is media aware and seasoned at spotting sales patter. The lesson is to be authentic and speak to your niche audience in a way that excites and invigorates them.

Remember, people read different web pages in different ways, depending on the reason they landed on the site.

If a user has come online to make a purchase, web copywriters need to consider how far along the buying path they may be and write accordingly. That is where a strategic SEO copywriter proves their worth.

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SEO Copywriting Cost

Our standard SEO copywriting costs per website Page is £60.00 per page or post with a maximum of 600 words.

If you would like us to provide all of the copy for your website then we would need to quote accurately following a full briefing from you.

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